Employee Enrichment

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Gannon-Gannon Articles

Finding a company in today’s economy that continues to add benefits for employees is hard enough but when a company adds benefits that add value to both the employee and to the company pays off in a big way. Several local companies are finding positive results in providing quality language services as a company offered benefit. Gannon & Gannon Language School has been providing quality language courses in Sofia since 2006 and is now offering them to Sofia based businesses as a employee enrichment service.

By offering courses from beginners through advanced business management in English, Gannon & Gannon provides a wide choice of services that range from evaluation to certification. The Gannon & Gannon language school is a partner of the IEERA, a global provider of TESOL testing and certification services and brings these services to Sofia. Learning the English language is not meant to be a difficult process and shouldn’t be taught as such. Our instructors provide an easy to learn and use atmosphere to allow your employees to gain the knowledge and verbal practice of the language to use it as they learn it. Whether your employees are starting as beginners or brushing up on the skills that they have, these courses will add value and satisfaction to both the company and employee.

The Gannon & Gannon Language School was founded by Dennis and Petia Gannon with the goal of providing a better understanding and a higher level of proficiency of the English language through professional teaching and training. We believe that learning and using the English language is an important part of the educational system. We also strongly believe that using the English language doesn’t just mean reading and filling in pre-set exercises, but by being able to understand and communicate in both oral and written form.

Dennis Michael Gannon

Gannon & Gannon LTD.

English language Services


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