Immersion Camp Site Acquired

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Introduction
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Gannon & Gannon is proud to announce the acquisition of property in the Village of Rebrovo. This picturesque site is the ideal location for future English Immersion Camp outings held by the Gannon & Gannon Language School.

The site chosen, is located high in the Balkan Mountain range with superb views of the immense beauty that Bulgaria holds. During these camp outings, students will the opportunity to take in the wonders of the nature that surrounds them while spending the week using and learning the English language in a native environment.

Presently work is underway to accommodate the various amenities to provide the student a safe and enjoyable time during their rustic summer adventure. Gannon & Gannon thrives on providing the best opportunity for students from all origins to learn the language as it was meant to be. We provide classes for students whether they are the majority or minority, stop by and asked about our programs.


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