At Gannon & Gannon language school you will use the American English language in a native speaking environment. We offer a step-by-step progression from repetition to practical use, and  carefully controlled structure and vocabulary. We take  absolute beginners from a zero level of knowledge to an advanced level of proficiency in all of the language skills. Each level of American English the students learn to master basic literary skills along with the listening, speaking, and writing skills as they progress through the program.

Our American English course is designed to be 50 classroom hours, but can be lengthened or shortened based on the needs of the group or each individual. In order to facilitate student centered instruction, we use a variety of teaching strategies. At Gannon & Gannon we teach people from 5 to 105 years old since there is no limit for peoples hunger for knowledge. There is no reason for the learning process to be stiffer or harder than it is, that’s why we make your classes fun and educational at the same time. In numerous activities, in-class or outdoors students learn to use the real American English.

Classes are held at various hours so there is flexibility to meet each learners busy life style. In addition to the structured classes we also provide tailored classes to meet individual needs. Along with the  courses that we teach; we also work with students, professionals and companies needing assistance with the languages or the many other services we provide. We are located conveniently to public transportation and by car.


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