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As part of our services we have launch a new forum  to offer an alternative for the Expat community and Bulgaria community to find and share information and ideas. This is a private funded forum and hopefully it will serve its purpose, to meet and share with each other.

February 2010 – Gannon & Gannon Language School has been awarded the IEERA International Award for Outstanding Institutional Member for the year of 2009.

ClockBack on May 18th 2009 the children from school #46 that were the beginning of the Time4Tots program started by the Gannon & Gannon Language School put on a play performed in both Bulgarian and English. The play was a huge success and the children performed great. Now as the new school year begins, the Director of school #46 asked the children to perform at the Bulgarian National Theater on September 18th for “The Day of Sofia” a holiday celebrated each year in Sofia, Bulgaria.
With no hesitation the children who put on the play “The Enormous Turnip” were once again ready to perform. This is a fantastic honor for all of the children and a show of appreciation for all of the hard work that they put into their performance and to help celebrate this holiday for the city. We hope that these continued efforts will inspire others to help the children in their communities.

After a successful finish of the school year and a great week at our first annual English Immersion summer school, Gannon & Gannon Language school is gearing up for a new school year. Preparations are being made to hold what we hope is only the first of many TESOL Young Learners certification classes. The debut class will be held next month at school #46 in Sofia and we anticipate another positive out come.

As a new school year begins we hope to contact more local schools and get more people involved in helping children get more out of school.

On May 27th prior to the achievement awards, we held an open class for the second grade class at school # 46. During this class the children were given an oral examination that is based on the TESOL level 2 Young learners examination. Each question was answered correctly without any repetition or mistakes. This was a welcomed outcome for the Director, Teachers and parents who attended.

The outcome proved that time given to these children was extremely well used. The majority of the classes are learning a third language which is English, and the outcome was astonishing. The class was awarded their achievement awards and the Director gave her approval for the continuance of the program. This is the outcome that we had hoped for so the children can continue to receive the additional help that they need.

Time4Tots Achievement Awards

Posted: May 26, 2009 in Feedback

On May 27th the children who participated in the time4tots program and school play will receive their well earned achievement awards in an open class to be attended by the school director. The awards to be given by Gannon & Gannon Language School.