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Gannon & Gannon is proud to announce the acquisition of property in the Village of Rebrovo. This picturesque site is the ideal location for future English Immersion Camp outings held by the Gannon & Gannon Language School.

The site chosen, is located high in the Balkan Mountain range with superb views of the immense beauty that Bulgaria holds. During these camp outings, students will the opportunity to take in the wonders of the nature that surrounds them while spending the week using and learning the English language in a native environment.

Presently work is underway to accommodate the various amenities to provide the student a safe and enjoyable time during their rustic summer adventure. Gannon & Gannon thrives on providing the best opportunity for students from all origins to learn the language as it was meant to be. We provide classes for students whether they are the majority or minority, stop by and asked about our programs.


As part of our services we have launch a new forum  to offer an alternative for the Expat community and Bulgaria community to find and share information and ideas. This is a private funded forum and hopefully it will serve its purpose, to meet and share with each other.

The Gannon & Gannon Language School is happy to announce that they have signed the first corporate client to the schools consulting, testing and advanced language instruction services. This follows several discussions concerning the experience and quality of present and future employees where the English language is needed to remain competitive in today’s business world. In order to provide superior services, companies in today’s market must take advantage of superior opportunities.

During a class, a representative from a Sofia based IT Company had raised concerns, expressing the need to maintain their employee communication and documentation skills. The request was then made concerning the possibility of providing on-site services. After careful deliberation and consideration of all evolved, the testing and assessment was carried out to determine the extent of services needed. Although this service has been requested in the past, Gannon & Gannon had not offered this service. At the end of the meeting Gannon & Gannon had decided to extend their present one-on-one and group training to encompass the growing corporate need for the services needed. Based on a case by case need, Gannon & Gannon will be providing “On-Site” consulting, testing and language instruction to meet the corporate needs.

The Gannon & Gannon Language School was founded by Dennis and Petia Gannon in 2006, with the goal of providing a better understanding and a higher level of proficiency of the English language through professional teaching and training. Education is an important tool in any industry and should be made available to everyone. We believe that learning and being efficient in the English language is an important part of the educational system. Knowing the English language doesn’t just mean reading and writing but by being able to understand and communicate with others.

Dennis Michael Gannon

Gannon & Gannon LTD.

English language Services

February 2010 – Gannon & Gannon Language School has been awarded the IEERA International Award for Outstanding Institutional Member for the year of 2009.

As part of the drive Gannon & Gannon Language School will be holding the first English Immersion camp this year at the Hotel Bojur in Bansko. The hotel is Situated in the heart of the town, the most famous and up-to-date Bulgarian mountain resort in the Pirin Mountain, 150 km. south of Sofia and very close to the National Park Pirin.
This year’s event will take place from July 1st thru July 8th 2009. During the camp the children will be learning and practicing the English language through standard lessons and by participating in enjoyable activities.

Day 1 July 1st – Travel
Day 2 July 2nd

09.30- 10.15 English outside the classroom
10.30- 12.00 English can be fun- games and sports activities we learn while we play

3.00 PM- 4.00 PM I know it, I can do it A competition in English
4.00 pm- 6.00pm Free Time
8.00pm- Welcome Party

Day 3 July 3rd
9.30-12.00 I want to explore the environment
3.00pm-3.45pm English outside the classroom
4.00pm-6.00pm We learn while we play

Day 4 July 4th
9.30-12.00 The world around me
3.00 pm-4.00pm I know it, I can do it
A competition in English
4.00pm-6.00pm We learn while we play
8.00pm- Mask Parade

Day 5 July 5th
9.30- 10.30 English outside the classroom
10.30-12.00 We learn while we play
3.00pm-4.00pm I want to know
4.00pm-6.00pm We learn while we play
8.00pm- Spooky Stories around the Camp fire

Day 6 July 6th
9.30- 12.30 The world around me
3.00pm-4.00pm English outside the classroom
4.00pm-6.00pm We learn while we play
8.00pm- Disco Night

Day 7 July 7th
9.30-10.30 I know it, I can do it
A competition in English
10.30-12.00 We learn while we play
3.00pm-6.00pm The world around me
8.00pm- Good-bye Party

In March 2009, Gannon & Gannon Language School signed a partnership agreement with The IEERA for providing TESOL training and Certification in Sofia, Bulgaria. The IEERA ( a global education research association, has approximately 5 million members in over 120 countries. Its mission is to ensure excellence in English language teaching. IEERA values professionalism in language education; individual language rights; accessible, high quality education; collaboration in a global community; interaction of research and reflective practice for educational improvement; and respect for diversity and multiculturalism.


Gannon & Gannon language school is starting a drive to assist local schools improve their language programs for the children attending classes. Time will be donated weekly to help students better understand the languages they are studying in school. And we would like to invite everyone who has time to help in their own local communities.

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