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In a drive to offer students more choices to further their education, Gannon & Gannon Language School has signed agreements with schools and facilities located in The United States, Canada, Ireland, and in Germany. These additional resources give the students attending classes the opportunity to choose how and when they participate in a program such as this. It is an excellent way to expand their knowledge of other cultures while being immersed in the language that they choose to study.

The study abroad programs focus on various programs that will help the student adjust and further their education to become competitive in today’s economical society. Acting as an agent for these programs allows Gannon & Gannon Language School to evaluate the student needs and to introduce them to an overseas school that will fulfill their desire to enter into the study abroad program. The advantage of using a school such as Gannon & Gannon Language School to help arrange the study abroad program is that the language requirements of the schools abroad can be met prior to enrollment into the selected program.

Many schools abroad require certification standard be met for certain schools and being a TESOL Authorized Certification and training center, Gannon & Gannon Language School can take care of this requirement. The TESOL Certification Program is an intensive course which provides participants with professional knowledge and skills in Teaching as well as tools for their own reflection and growth as teachers.

By preparing the student prior to entrance in to a university or another school of higher learning greatly decreases possible future trouble of not completely understanding the courses taught. This preparation dramatically increases the grade average of the student and allows them to get the most out of their education experience.

The Gannon & Gannon Language School was founded by Dennis and Petia Gannon in 2006, with the goal of providing a better understanding and a higher level of proficiency of the English language through professional teaching and training. Using communicative and student-centered methodology can make the educational process more effective, and enjoyable. Teaching in an easily understood manner has proven to help others learn to appreciate the different cultures.


After a successful finish of the school year and a great week at our first annual English Immersion summer school, Gannon & Gannon Language school is gearing up for a new school year. Preparations are being made to hold what we hope is only the first of many TESOL Young Learners certification classes. The debut class will be held next month at school #46 in Sofia and we anticipate another positive out come.

As a new school year begins we hope to contact more local schools and get more people involved in helping children get more out of school.